3.6 Commonwealth of Independent States

Both practices include access to digital skills but one of them combines this policy area with access to digital technology. Also, both practices target women and girls and/or gender equality, specifically.

Table 7: Access to digital skill, technology, inclusion, entrepreneurship, infrastructure and services (Commonwealth of Independent States)

Practice Access to digital technology Access to digital skills Financial inclusion Entrepreneurship and leadership Access to infrastructure and digital
A multimedia online course and web portal for women and girls (Azerbaijan) X X
IT courses and IT parks for bridging the gender digital gap in rural regions (Uzbekistan) X

Key highlights


Multimedia online course (and presence-based) for women and girls living in rural areas, based on existing digital literacy tools such as the Microsoft Digital Literacy course. Topics include digital literacy; IT skills; graphic design.
Promotion campaign about the project, including sending official letters signed by the ministry in charge of ICT to other relevant ministries and schools.


E-learning platform to offer courses.
Rely on infrastructure of IT centres to deliver presence-based courses.

Collaboration and partnerships

Stakeholders: Ministry of ICT; ICT/IT centres; Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth and Sport; schools and colleges.
Collaboration with international organizations such as ITU to implement projects/programmes.

A multimedia online course and a web portal for women and girls (Azerbaijan) were implemented with the technical assistance of ITU and the infrastructure of the ICT LAB Applying and Training Centre. Expert profiles required for the project included areas such as project coordination and e-learning, teaching content, e-learning platform and programming. Content was developed based on the Microsoft Digital Literacy course and includes video lessons. The Ministry of Transport, Communication and High Technologies and ICT Applying and Training Centre conducted a promotion campaign about the project. The ministry also sent circular letters to the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth and Sport to inform all schools and colleges about this course and portal.

IT courses and IT centres for bridging the gender digital gap in rural regions (Uzbekistan). Courses on digital literacy and IT skills, and on graphic design will be organized for women living in rural regions. In addition, more than 200 IT centres were created by the IT Park all over the country. The IT Park actively develops IT education sphere in the regions. IT Park major activities include startups development, IT and regional infrastructure enlargement, IT education (IT Academy and regional IT centres), IT Park resident support, IT export development, and implementation of corporate innovations.